New Web Address

It starts.

I’ve now moved this site to a new web address:

Yes, I know, it isn’t creative. But, meh, it was either “aselin-mmo” when I don’t use “Aselin” in every MMO I’ve played so far, or “alternate-persona” and get it confused with the Persona series of video games.

So, it’s mostly an amalgam of “Aselin’s MMO Notepad” (the old site title) with “Aselin” lopped off. Now that tax season is over and I’m in the middle of finding a job either here in California or in Massachusetts, I have a lot of free time to spruce up this website and give it what it deserves.

The old address–– still works in case anyone goes there.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Trailer

Found here:

Biggest news other than the trailer is this: My favorite band from Japan is doing the theme song– L’arc en Ciel. <3

I will do anything just to see them in concert.  I can’t wait for both the movie AND soundtrack to come out now.

*gets giddy with excitement*

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Sucker Punch (soundtrack) – Emily Browning has a great voice

Think of this soundtrack as the equivalent of that adrenaline rush when riding a roller coaster. It’s exciting, blood-pumping, and at other times, emotional and strong. Then, when you hear Emily’s voice, it’s hauntingly beautiful, touching and impactful. Other than Gywneth Paltrow with “Country Strong,” Emily Browning has now become the second actress, in my opinion, that really should have their own album. She has a great voice, and you can hear it when you listen to “Sweet Dreams,” “Where is My Mind?”, and “Asleep.”

Regardless of the reviews about this movie, I highly recommend watching it even if just for the action sequences, the visual effects and imagery, and, most especially, the music. It’s the equivalent of a two hour music video with a story that pulls you in and doesn’t let go until the ride is over.

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Tangled (film) – Reminds you how much you “miss” Disney

Though belated, this is my comments and short review about this movie.

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Back from hiatus (kinda…)

First off, status updates!
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